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Langfang Huazheng Thermal Insulation Building Material Co.,Ltd Factory address: Liugezhuang Industry Area, Dacheng County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China
Detailed information The current positionHome » Mineral /Rock Wool Insulation  
Product NameMineral/Rock Wool Insulation
Product categoriesMineral /Rock Wool Insulation
Product descriptionMineral/Rock Wool Insulation
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Mineral/Rock Wool Insulation
Mineral/Rock Wool Insulation
Mineral/Rock Wool Insulation
Mineral/Rock Wool Insulation
Mineral/Rock Wool Insulation
   Detailed introduction
Rock Wool Products are manufactured with basalt as main ingredient,made into inorganic fiber in high speed centrifugal machine after melting,A certain amount of cementing agent ,rustproof oil ,silicon oil is added into the raw materials which is made into rockwool board ,rockwool pipe shell,etc. (according to different customer requirement)

Rock wool Felt Size:

Steel wire mesh or glass fiber can be stuck one surface of rock wool felt, also can produce as requirements.


Width (mm) 600/1000/1200
Density kg/m3
Thickness Length (m) (mm)
60 70


40 5 5 5 3
50 5 5 5 3
60 5 5 5 3
70 5 5 5 3
80 3 3 3 3
90 3 3 3 3
100 3 3 3 3

2.Technical parameter Data

Technical Property Technical Index Remarks
Thermal Coefficient Equation(w/m)

Rockwool Board 0.035+0.00018tm
Rockwool Blanket 0.036+0.00015tm

Normal Temperature
Max.Service Temp() 600
Average fiber diameter, m 4-7 GB5480.4
Density tolerance, % +15, -15
Thermal conductivity coefficient (average temperature: 7052), W/(m. K) 0.042 GB10294-88
Shrinkage temperature of heat load 650 GB11835-1998
Moisture content, % 0.5 GB5480
Combustion property Non-combustible(A class) GB5464
Resin Content 3.5 GB11835
Water repellence (water-proof), % 98 GB10299
Water absorption (water-proof), % 5 GB5480

3. Applications

The petrochemical industry - oil, electricity, chemical industry equipment, acoustic insulation noise insulation
The construction industry - building the roof and enclosure wall curtain wall insulation acoustic noise insulation
Mining Industry - Industrial furnace oven large diameter storage tanks and the ship's thermal insulation and fire prevention
Thermal insulation and fire prevention for kiln ,gas cooker,oven etc.

4. Packing :

packed in high-strength woven bags to meet the need of logistics distribution, usually 2pcs per package. We should prevent moisture and compression in the process of transportation and storage.


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